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the cover reveal of
By: K. Anne Raines
Synopsis:  Seventeen year-old Grace grows up knowing she’s different, but she always attributed it to a mother who didn’t want her, a father who abandoned her, and a curse that sets her apart. Despite those struggles, her grandfather remained her rock and confidant. Her life irrevocably shatters the day her grandfather dies.

The day of his funeral sets off a chain of events, making Grace question everything she’s ever known to be true, and as a result, who she can truly trust. She inherits his house, part of his money, his Guardian and something that ties them together.

Just before Grace’s 18th birthday, she is thrust into a world she couldn’t fathom existed and does everything she can to thwart the destiny suddenly forced upon her. She’s been chosen for greatness, but at what cost? With eyes now open, she must choose to either be Chosen, or watch those around her suffer the consequences.

Torn between the man who’s come to protect her and the one sent to destroy her, she teeters on the edge of decision, trying to come to grips with who she is, what she wants and what all of that means for her, those she loves and the rest of mankind.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Title: Atone (Patronus, #2.5)

Age Group: Young Adult

Genre: Paranormal

Expected Release: late Dec. 2012/early Jan. 2013

Cover Design: Donna Dull of Sharp Cover Designs

Cover reveal organized by: AToMR Tours


This novella from Max's point of view is meant to be read after AVENGE (Patronus,#2).

Before there was Awaken, before there was “Lucy and Max”, there was just Max. And he had some issues.


A lot of issues.


Max Kensington ‘s death haunted him for years. The guilt of his sins tormented him. Unable to let go, he was sure he’d never be able to atone for all of them. But that didn’t stop him from trying.

When his reason for being is suddenly thrust back into his life, he vows to protect her at all costs. He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. And this time, he’ll fight to the bitter end to capture the one thing that has alluded him—happiness.




I started my obsession with reading at an early age, getting in trouble for sneaking BabySitter Club and Nancy Drew books into math class in elementary school. I would read any fiction book I could get my hands on. I knew it was an addiction when instead of grounding me from TV or music, my mom would take away my books as punishment (The Horror!). My love of all things paranormal was inspired by my good friend Laurie, who convinced me that books with vampires, witches, and all things shifter were amazing. After a little reluctance, I gave it a shot with the Sookie Stackhouse books, realized she was right, and the rest was history.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with my degree in English, and taught 8th graders to love reading as much as I do for several years. I will always be a proud member of the Steelers Nation, but I couldn’t take the cold and moved my frozen tush to Florida where I now live with my family and two cats. You will find me now with my trusty Kindle in hand and toes in the sand!

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To Save Myself
Krystal Marlein

For 15 year old Jade, everyday is a struggle.

To pretend she's happy.

To keep her secrets hidden.

To live.

To die.

Anorexia. Depression. Abuse -- her secrets, her demons. Can she hold on long enough to learn how to live? When the one person in the world who should be her greatest ally is her worst enemy and biggest tormentor, how long can she hold on? Can she save herself before it's to late?

With one act of rage her world is ripped apart. Hearts will be broken, lives changed forever. Will it be to late to fix the damage?

Cover Designed by Airicka Phoenix
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Thanksgiving Mega Giveaway
Welcome to the Thanksgiving Mega Giveaway!! This giveaway was put together solely to say thank goodness for books and to celebrate them!
It was also put together to give back to readers and try to give as many people as possible some reading material for the holidays! There tons of ways to enter so everyone has a good chance of winning something. :)
A huge thank you to the authors who donated their awesome books & swag and to the bloggers who also hosted and donated material!
Here are some simple rules to remember when entering.
        *paperback and swag will be mailed to the U.S. only

       *ecopies are international
        *You get to pick your prize if you're one of the winners of the contest!! You will only  have 
          hours to pick your prize and return your choice in an email or another winner will be chosen.
Good luck to everyone and enjoy the holidays!!!


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Revelation Blog Tour
AmBear Shellea
Character Interview: King Slaine Deverox
Thanx for joining us. Today, you’re in for quite a treat as we talk with King Slaine Deverox of Pedalstem as he sets us straight with his side of things. Obviously, we have been hoodwinked in our assumptions, and he truly is the good guy…Let’s listen in as to why he feels this way…

1.Slaine, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am Slaine Deverox, King and ruler over Pedalstem.

2.It is common sometimes that the Kings and Queens often do not marry purely for love, Do you love your queen?

He stares dreamily at the ceiling for a moment before he answered. “Blaze, oh yes, I love her. What’s not to love with her flamin’ red hair, vibrant green eyes and beautiful personality. She is the most wonderful woman in the world- I just wish she wouldn’t make things so difficult sometimes.”

3.She is difficult, and yet you still love her?
“Yes, I do. These things are not her fault. She is only being difficult because she has lost her memories in a tragic accident and it is my duty to help and love her through it. I do so willingly and gladly. She is my true love…”

4. I noticed you attire, and I am curious, what do the red eyes, stitched over your heart into that black silk shirt, represent?

He ran his hand down the front of his shirt, flattening the fabric, as he looked at the symbols. “Ah, yes, the eyes. When those below me, see me they know I am their king, and when they glance upon these eyes, they know I am their ruler and master, as I see and know all-therefore, they know to obey because anything less, is death.”

5. Your eyes are captivating, and no offense, but kind of scary. How would you describe to the readers what I see when I look at you?

“I have heard such things as Red-rimmed eyes on fire, orbed inferno, but I like Fiery depths of Hell, for if you are seeing the flames dancing in my eyes, then chances are…”an evil grin spread across his face, flashing the flames in his eyes, “…you are about to die.”
I broke out in a cold sweat as my heart seemed to race in anticipation and fear.

6. As king, you have the power to grant many of the commoner’s wishes, but if someone could grant a wish for you what would it be?

He ground his teeth and clenched his fist. “Demarko! I would wish to be free of Demarko!”

7. So, I get the feeling you don’t like Demarko, why?

“First off he is beneath me, just a lowly stable hand, and yet he thinks he can win the heart of my bride and plots to steal her from me. But soon, all shall be as they are meant to be when Deklan arrives.”

8. And who is Deklan?

He tilted his head to the side, as if to observe why I asked the question. Should I have already known the answer? He frowned a bit and answered. “Why, he is my brother. A master in the ways of dark magic, and my assistant.”

9. Clearly, I have been misinformed and you simply have been misunderstood- you’re really the hero, not the villain.

“You have! It’s not your fault. Demarko and his minions have been skulking around Pedalstem, spreading nasty lies and rumors about myself and my brother, in hopes of gaining my true love’s attention. I am wise to his games and have many a plan laid out to thwart his pursuits.”

10. Oh, secret plans…I love secrets, can you tell us what these plans are?

He leaned in real close, lowered his voice and whispered softly in my ear. “The plans to Demarko’s demise lie within the pages of Revelation. Read it and become consumed.”


This revelation will bring justifiable consequences.

Some fairytales begin with once upon a time and end with happily ever after. Revelation, book 2 in The Pedalstem Lillies series, is a not that fairytale.It contains love and sex but its twisted and dark side takes it to another level. Our heroine and her hero find the truth and begin to piece the puzzle together as they face the puppet master and his puppeteer.

Revelation Synopsis:
Some fairytales begin with once upon a time and end with happily ever after. Revelation, book 2 in The Pedalstem Lillies series, is a not that fairytale. Join Blaze once again, as she struggles through the darkness. Her adventure for the truth is deadly as it’s pieced together with schemes, plots and wicked intentions.A violent disagreement finds her out and about, with a man whose presence is forbidden, and is forced to seek shelter.Heat and electricity engulf them as the oncoming storm reveals the secrets. Exhausted and breathless, their plan for revenge awakens with sunrise. The scene is set and the lines are drawn. Purity & Power VS. Menace & Mayhem. Who will be left standing when the magic clears?

Revelation Book Trailer:: 


Chaos Unleashed Synopsis:
This isn’t your mother’s sweet love story and it’s not your sister’s fairytale. Chaos Unleashed is dark, dangerous, and highly addictive. You will share in every experience the hero and heroine have, as their quest for the truth leads them to the hateful dark void that threatens to consume their souls.
Pedalstem is shrouded in darkness, leaving Castle Deverox in a vortex of confusion. Blaze awakens to find men she doesn’t know looming over, intent on capture, a handsome prisoner sharing her fate, and the gut tightening knowledge that her memories have been stolen.

Chaos Unleashed Book Trailer:

Author Bio:

Although I have always enjoyed writing, the dream to become a writer came when I read A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, in the sixth grade. My early works, not published, were in the form of children’s stories I would read to my two daughters. I divide my days between the real world and the ones I’ve created. My life and my characters keep me very busy in my Mid-Western scene, where I live with my husband, and my children (both human and furry.

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